5 Signs That You May Be A Yoo Ah In Character

1. Your friends would describe you as “intense”.


No matter the time (or the time period) you’ve got a broody stare for that.


Because (most of) the ladies like a sexy guy with eyes that say 1000 words and 1,000,000 emotions.


2. Your right hand bro is everything to you.


And there’s nothing he won’t do for you. #broloyalty


3. You know how to party…because nothing says wild party like fur, champagne, and a cell phone inches from water.


4. In your yearbook, you were “Most likely to go full on rage black out over a fender bender.” Well, sometimes even the yearbook committee gets it right.


5. Based on your fashion choices and hairstyle people think you’re “rough around the edges.”


And that’s OK because you aren’t bound by “society’s” rules.

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