K-Pop News Today – Jan 18, 2017

Check out what’s new in Hallyu for January 18, 2017!

Teaser for Pentagon’s new MV, “Pretty Pretty” released

Cube Entertainment’s 10 member boy group, Pentagon, is back with their next single, “Pretty Pretty.” The 24 second long teaser gives us a quick glimpse of the boys donning stylish school uniforms, and kicking off what looks like the beginning of a dance battle. I.O.I’s Chungha also makes a special appearance in the teaser. We are so ready for this music video to drop!

Pentagon Releases MV Teaser of Next Single “Pretty Pretty” Featuring I.O.I Chungha

 HONEY BEE, is a cross collaboration of epic proportions

What do you get when you mix f(x)’s Luna, Exid’s Hani, and Mamamoo’s Sola? A whole lot of talent, and an awesome new single called Honey Bee! These three ladies have proven their skills time and time again in their respective idol group. Now, they have teamed up to bring fans a fresh new collaboration and catchy single. Check it out below!

LUNA (FX) + HANI (Exid) + SOLA (Mamamoo) = HONEY BEE, a New Project Group!

I.O.I’s new single, “Downpour” is a Bittersweet Farewell to Fans

I.O.I present fans with a new single for the last time. With a soft melody and melancholy lyrics, “Downpour” reflects back on the group’s journey as idols, from their early days on Produce 101 to their last performance. Fans have voiced their sadness over the group’s disbandment, and have showed their support to each member as they venture off on their own path. We will definitely miss seeing these hard working and passionate ladies rocking it on stage, and wish each member best of luck on their future endeavors!

Check out the music video below.

I.O.I’s Final Farewell To Fans With New Hit “Downpour”


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Watch or Not: tvN’s Newest Drama “My Shy Boss”

*There will be spoilers ahead for the first two episodes of “My Shy Boss.” Reader beware.

With Goblin soon coming to an end, and the upcoming Shin Min Ah and Lee Je Hoon drama, Tomorrow With You, on the horizon, it’s safe to say tvN’s 2017 drama game is strong. And the recently debuted romantic comedy, My Shy Boss, is no exception!

Are you on the fence about committing yourself feels and soul to this new drama? We’re going to take you through the drama’s three lead characters and “set-up” so that you can make the most informed, K-Drama decision possible.

Here’s what you need to know about “My Shy Boss”:

THE HERO: Eun Hwan Ki (Yeon Woo Jin), is the reluctant CEO of Brain PR and he is a little bit…offbeat

Think “Protect The Boss,” with a whole lot less elevator fights and a bunch more thoughtful introversion–if you’re a super introvert, Hwan Ki is basically you with maybe a few more (or equal? or less?) quirks.

Quirks like….

Not looking people in the eyes

Even if it means never directly meeting your employees, injuring yourself and almost falling off a building, this rule is in stone.

Overthinking pretty much everything

You know that feeling when your skin is being scrubbed off by a buff dude, and you want to tell him, “Hey, bro, that’s permanent,” but you don’t because you’re worried about the butterfly effect your single comment could have on his entire life–that’s Hwan Ki’s brain on the daily.

Being adorably awkward

It’s not ideal that your new hire is already in your bedroom and knows that you’re a boxers guy on day one. Commence the shuffling.

And, having those K-Drama Daddy issues

Because what every sensitive, full-grown man needs is his over-bearing father to show his disapproval by slamming tennis balls into his chest. Someone needs to use his words and improve his groundstrokes *cough* Dad *cough*


THE SECOND LEAD: By Hwan Ki’s side is his BFF Kang Woo Il (Yoon Park).

He’s the super charismatic President of Brain PR, he does love shots, and is bomb at public speaking–the exact opposite of deceptively smart, uber-quiet Hwan Ki.

But from his few “I’m actually your frenemy a la Gossip Girl’s Serena-Blair” gazes and a possible plan to take Hwan Ki down at work, this friendship may be marked for death.

He may be harboring a crush on our heroine because she’s got that noraebang game.

Let the second lead games begin.

And, it seems like Kang Woo Il might have a connection to the mysterious suicide surrounding Eun Hwan Ki’s secretary three years ago.

If Falling for Innocence taught us anything it’s that you should never trust the pretty second lead. Don’t. Trust. The. Pretty.


THE HEROINE: Chae Ro Woon (Park Hye Soo), is a former stage actress who just got hired at Brain PR.

She’s not your everyday “candy.”

Yes, she’s extroverted and loves fun, but it’s no mistake that she got hired at Brain PR–she’s there to take some sweet revenge for her sister’s suicide three years ago–yes, that mysterious suicide (insert “omo” here).

She and our lead know each other but also…don’t know each other.

Remember how Hwan Ki is all about not showing his face? Well, that comes in handy since Ro Woon knows Hwan Ki by name as the CEO “responsible” for her sister’s death, but hasn’t seen his face. Hwan Ki knows Ro Woon as his secretary’s sister to whom he sends flowers to to atone for his guilt. But, Ro Woon only knows Hwan Ki’s face as a delivery man (because if you’re a dude standing in a lobby, you’re definitely a delivery man).

If that all makes sense, you know that there’s going to be some hilarious moments of mistaken identity in the future.

She’s all about justice.

Fists made, nostrils flared–ready for justice.

Why should you watch “My Shy Boss”?

While we were super expecting this to be either a clone of “Protect The Boss” or just feature an “offbeat” lead with totally overcomeable “issues” (with the help of a young candy), we’re happy to report that this drama is very much not that.

Hwan Ki is a strong introvert who finds it hard to hold eye contact, be in large crowds, and just interact with humans on an intimate level–and it doesn’t help that his inherited job as a PR CEO requires him to do all of those things really well. And, while we’re sure that Ro Woon will help, we’re just proud that he’s proactive, seeing a therapist, and trying to work through his issues and atone for the hurt he may have brought on those nearest him. Nothing says “I’m sorry” like precipitously standing on the edge of a 20-story building.

As for our very much “not candy,” Ro Woon, it’s also fantastic that (as of now) she’s not just a young girl who’s been tasked with taking care of her whole family like many “candy-types,” but she’s someone that left a pretty ok career as a stage actress to get justice for her sister–no matter how misguided that justice may turn out to be. While it can be annoying that she just invades people’s space (and pulls hair) and makes snap judgements, we have a feeling that working in the corporate world will iron that out.

And, of course, the all important romance. There’s something really beautiful about a relationship where you can watch people bloom. And, from this tiny moment of Hwan Ki wanting to break through his own walls and bloom into someone who can offer comfort on a human level, we can tell that we’re going to love this romance. Tiny moment, when things inevitably “hit the fan,” we will remember you well.

Every Monday & Tuesday afternoon, check out subbed highlights for “My Shy Boss” only on KCON.TV!


Catch Up on Episode 1’s Highlights

Park Hye Soo Catches Yeon Woo Jin Naked & Alone

Park Hye Soo Gives the Noraebang Performance of A Lifetime

Yeon Woo Jin Accidentally Commits a Hit And Run


Catch Up on Episode 2’s Highlights

Park Hye Soo Comes to Yeon Woo Jin’s Rescue as He “Bows” off a Building

Yeon Woo Jin Gets The Scrub of His Life at The Korean Spa

Park Hye Soo & Yeon Woo Jin Share A Bathroom Confession


K-Pop News Today – Jan 17, 2017

Here’s what’s new in hallyu news for January 17, 2017!

Rain’s Wedding Announcement + Music Comeback 

A wedding announcement and a music comeback? Not a shabby way to kick off 2017, Rain! The veteran singer recently announced his engagement to actress and long-time girlfriend, Kim Tae Hee in a handwritten letter posted on his Instagram. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Additionally, Rain has recently made his much anticipated music comeback with title track, “The Best Present” produced by PSY. The music video’s soulful sound and Michael Jackson-like vibe has already boasted a +1.5 million view count on YouTube.

Head down memory lane, and check out some of Rain’s past performances below:

[STAR ZOOM IN] 2013 MAMA Flashback – Rain “How To Avoid the Sun” + “It’s Raining” + “Hip Song”

[STAR ZOOM IN] M Countdown Flashback – Rain “Hip Song”


Suzy and Seohyun take a break from acting, and return to the K-Pop world

It’s a giving time in the K-Pop world, as Suzy and Seohyun both blessed fans this week with their return to the music scene. 

Suzy makes her solo debut with her song, “Pretend,” which reflects on a past love and heartbreak. It’s a soothing ballad perfect for cozying up on a cold winter day! 

Suzy To Make a Solo Return To KPOP Limelight With “Pretend”

Seohyun also made her solo debut this past week with upbeat song, “Don’t Say No.” Girls’ Generation’s maknae is all grown up in her music video, and she shows fans a more mature side than what we’ve seen in the past.

SNSD’s Seohyun Returns Solo with “Don’t Say No”


CLC makes a fierce comeback with “Goblin”

The talented ladies of CLC are back with a sexy concept fans can’t ignore. Their comeback song, “Goblin” shows the group’s growth as idols alongside a fierce beat. Check out the song below!

CLC Boasts a Sexy Concept For Title Track “Goblin”


Which comeback stage are you most looking forward to seeing in the coming weeks? Be sure to check back on KCON.TV for the latest K-Pop news!

“Ruby Ruby Love” Showcase: Is Seohyun Actually Similar To Her Role, Ruby Lee?
“Ruby Ruby Love” Showcase: Tiffany Advises Lee Chul-woo To Get Closely Acquainted with Seohyun
CLC Returns With “Meow Meow”

KCON Mexico Artist Guide: 17 Ways To Live Your Most Monsta X Life

If you’ve been watching your KCONUSA socials or even your KCON Mexico socials (like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!), you’ve seen that the first official lineup for KCON Mexico is (*cue mental drumroll*) Monsta X!!

Like a lot of new groups who made their international debut performance at KCON, Monsta X holds a special place in our hearts. To all of our fans, whether you may already be of the Monbebe persuasion or even if you haven’t even heard of them, we hope that we can pass on the Monsta X love so that you too can get pumped to see them at the first ever KCON Mexico (March 17-18!).

So, who is Monsta X, you may ask. Short answer: A seven-member boy band composed of Shownu, Wonho, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Jooheon, and I.M who debuted their hip hop sensibilities with 2015’s “Trespass.” Now that we’ve got the biographical stuff out of the way, what else do you need to know?

While they’ve got the whole, “look at us, we’re manly and fierce” vibe going on, they’re also gold medalists at the team aegyo game.

The hats! The commitment! The ray of sunshine that is Minhyuk!

Watch Monsta X’s “Today’s Room’s” aegyo dance challenge


And, they’ve come a long way since fighting to debut on “No.Mercy”.

From an abs show mistake…

No one was more disappointed than us…or Hyolyn.

…to a complete upper body success.

This is a band that really knows how to bring out the big guns.

And, let’s not forget where Shownu began:

If you need a closer look at Monsta X’s Shownu before he was famous…


And how far he’s come:
Well, actually, some things just get better with time. Like a fine wine, this one.

Monsta X performs “All In” on “M Countdown”


But, how can you be the most Monsta X you can be just in time to meet them at KCON Mexico 2017?

So that you can live your most Monsta X life, we’ve put together a list of 17 Monsta X rules to live by. Are you ready for a “monsta” dose of wisdom? 

1. Take care of your friends–even if they don’t need it.

Wonho: “They want me to wipe their sweat for them.” Members (not including Wonho): “Wut.”


2. Swords

Being prepared for battle at any moment is an important skill. Provided you’re being pursued by an object very close to the ground, Shownu’s got you covered. He’s really got the downward-facing warrior pose down.

See more of Shownu’s charismatic sword dance for SNSD Seohyun on “Lipstick Prince”


Actually, there’s a fairly good chance, it’s just going to descend into a dance battle. On second thought, if you need to be protected from Rain, you’re definitely safe. There are no guarantees if you’re facing other assailants.           


3. Don’t be afraid to be your most beautiful self.

In life, your friends are going to make you do a lot of things like put lipstick on and then kiss a wall in a competition to see who has the biggest mouth. The key is keeping your grace and beauty in tact. Say “hello” to I.M, Monsta X’s maknae and paragon of grace.

Need more handsomeness? See more of Monsta X’s lipstick party on “Today’s Room”


4. Know your friends WELL.

At least now we know, one side effect of touching I.M is uncontrollable giggling.


5. No matter how great you are, DDR is better…also Hyungwon is better.

When it comes to DDR, there are a few different types of players.
Either you’re an I.M wishing for your turn to end (us), an S.COUPS giggling off to the side, or a Hyungwon–moving everyone out of your way like boss because you got this.


6. Resting Dad face is your greatest tool to inspire fear (and maybe laughter) in others.

From model to “if you don’t do your Algebra homework NOW I will ground everyone–your mom, your friends, the dog, EVERYONE!!” real quick.

Check out more of Hyungwon’s “disciplined” personality on “Meet & Greet”


7. Just because you’re the human personification of a ray of light doesn’t mean that you can’t be sexy.

Feeling sad? Just remember, Minhyuk loves you and–basically the entire universe. The universe can also now confirm that the feelings are mutual.

But also, damn. Consider your spell perfectly cast, Minhyuk.

Relive all of the mesmerizing moments of Monsta X’s “Mirotic” stage.


8.  Lunch is the most flirtatious time of day

“‘Sup girl, I’m just gonna take your pizza.” *wink*

See Monsta X’s “Meet & Greet” meokbang!

Danger: If you ask yourself who is the cutest here, your mind may actually explode. Just keep saying to yourself, “Minhyuk and Jooheon are too cute (for my brain) to handle.” Crisis averted. Your brain thanks you.


9. Outer swag, inner aegyo. (Also the working title of our future Jooheon biography.)

How many rappers do you know that could do their rhymes in baby talk? Kanye, take note.

Because we all know that just because you rap, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be in touch with your aegyo side. Side note, who else on earth could finish this speech off with “swag”?


10. While we’re talking about the aegyo lifestyle, always remember that the aegyo force should flow through your whole body, not just your face.

“I am one with the Force. The Force is with me.”


11. When it seems like the whole world is “ㅋㅋㅋ”-ing in your face, you have to be strong.

Like Kihyun, everyone makes (hilarious) mistakes, and that’s ok. But also, who wouldn’t be afraid if a wild Jooheon came hopping at you, kneecap first. We, for one, would raise our hands in defeat.

Find out who emerged victorious from Monsta X’s chicken fight battle.


12. Clean your makeup tools like a man.

Like grandma says, “Waste not, want not.” Just cause you used a Q-Tip to perfect your shadow, doesn’t mean you can’t use it to clean your ears. Like grandma also says, “Don’t be prissy.” (Was this just our grandma?)

And, don’t forget, YOU are the best tool to clean your makeup tools. Please note, there will only ever be one Shownu.

Catch Shownu’s Irene Kim makeover here.


13. Be fierce in your vocals, be fierce in your eyes.

Need ferocity inspiration? There’s a Kihyun to meet your needs.

Like this one:

Or this one:

Or even this one:


14. But also, be fierce in your pursuit of aegyo because aegyo is happiness.

Can’t get enough of Kihyun & Minhyuk’s aegyo bromance? Watch their full dance now on “Today’s Room”!


Gif B-side: Did you catch this game of “rock, paper, scissors”? Minhyuk, we’re pretty sure you can win next time…because the universe loves you (SEE #7).


15. Feels…ignite them. (KCON 2015 Tagline)

We love dudes who are just unafraid to show their feelings. Also, who else called that Jooheon’s emotion would be aegyo-shock?


16. Have the confidence to take on new challenges.

We all know INFINITE’s Woohyun as the king of finger hearts, but it looks like there’s a new idol in town…

Traditional Style:

Watch Hyungwon’s entire “heart set” here.


Model Style:


Rockstar Style:


17. Love your fans

At the end of the day, the biggest thing we’ve learned from Monsta X is that they love their fans. Current and future Monbebes of the world, won’t you come see them at KCON Mexico…and make Jooheon’s wishes come true?

7 New Things We Learned about our Princes in “Lipstick Prince” Episode 7

The boys of Lipstick Prince are in for a treat as DARA makes her debut as Princess #7. The Princes are tasked with turning this fierce beauty into Suicide Squad’s lovable crazy person, Harley Quinn. With shaky hands and nervous hearts – will they be able to complete their task?

The results weren’t too shabby! This episode was filled with adorable moments – namely a nervous Heechul, and P.O going into total fanboy mode in front of his crush. 

Check out 7 new things we learned about our Princes from Episode 7: 

1. Heechul can (almost) do the splits

This man is “manner legs” goals. 

Heechul is constantly telling Dara not to be nervous, but is the advice more for her or for him? You be the judge – check out the clip here

2. Do Young is a makeup pro, fo sho

We didn’t know they let PROS on this show! NCT’s Do Young expertly does Dara’s eyeliner, and the other members get a little jelly in the presence of greatness.

We’d let Do Young do our eyeliner any day! Check out this pro in action here

3. P.O has major heart eyes for Dara

Block B’s maknae revealed that he kept photos of Dara in his phone during his trainee days, and it’s pretty obvious from this episode that he still has heart eyes for her! We are totally boarding this ship…

Watch P.O turn bright red when facing his ideal type here

4.Monsta X Shownu is all about cleanliness…

“If it’s good enough for you, hairless mannequin, it’s good enough for me.”

5. Tony wanted Dara on his squad first

Who wouldn’t want Dara on their squad?! Tony sent out a heartfelt message to Papa YG asking him to take care of her. How awesome would a collaboration between Tony and Dara be??  We’ll be waiting…

Watch Tony reflect on his first encounter with the lovely Dara here

6. P.O is awkward, and everyone knows (and loves?) it

Adorable P.O tries to show the other Princes his hip-hop moves, but is only met with silence and embarrassment. Don’t worry, we still think you’re cool, P.O!

7. Eunkwang and P.O are #friendshipgoals

When your bro gets a back hug from his ideal type, you cheer for him! When Dara chooses P.O as the Prince of the week, Eunkwang couldn’t be happier for his friend, and they fanboy together. #BFFGOALS

What did you think of this episode? Leave a comment, and let us know what your favorite part was! See you next Thursday for Ep. 8!

Check out more clips from Episode 7:

Ep 7: P.O Nervously Creates Harley Quinn Look for his Crush, DARA 
Ep 7: Dara admits her Attraction to Deep-Voiced Rappers & P.O Delivers

What Happened on “Golden Tambourine” Episode 5!

If you like music and fun – and who doesn’t like fun – then make sure to hop onto the Golden Tambourine train! Mnet’s new variety program puts a comedic spin to the conventional singing competition show where the winning team is determined by the amount of creativity they put in their performance rather than skills. 

The show pits the host team (affectionately named ‘T4’) consisting of Yoo Se Yoon, JoKwon, Shim Hyung Tak, and I.O.I’s Choi Yoo Jung against their friends in an epic battle where the sky’s the limit! I’m talking about blue lipstick, cat costumes–it’s all fair game.  

If you missed out on the first couple of episodes, head over to KCON.TV for all the highlight clips that will leave you LOL-ing all night long. If you want a gif-filled recap of the latest episode with clickable links, then we’ve got ya covered as well!

Episode 5 was filled with fun, talented guests. First to make their entrance was comedian Jang Do Yeon, donning a Venetian mask and some not-so-sexy fake dentures.

Following close behind were fellow comedians, Kang Yumi and Hu Anna. One came out with eyes painted over her eyelids, and the latter was dressed as a dog. The funny ladies came out hot, and ready for battle! 

For the last guest, we have Oh My Girl’s YooA bringing some friendly idol competition to the show!

Each team carefully prepared for their performances by choosing the right songs, outfits and makeup to complete their look. Remember – this show is all about style and creativity!

In round one, we have Kang Yumi and Hu Anna performing to Cherry Filter’s “Romantic Cat.” Hu Anna came out dressed in a full black cat costume, while Yumi was a balding mermaid because why not?! Their performance was FIRE, and the audience loved it as well!

Next up, we have Jo Kwon and Yoo Se Yoon doing an epic performance to Jay Park’s sexy song,“Body.” They go from sexy to silly real fast! Who says ahjumma pants aren’t cool? Not these guys! Their performance was filled with body rolls, lots of twerking, and some sort of chicken dance – it’s just too good for words, and we wouldn’t expect any less from this awesome duo.

Check out this hilarious performance here

Round two! It’s a battle between idol starlets, as I.O.I’s Yoo Jung goes head to head with Oh My Girl’s YooA. YooA wows the crowd with her cute rendition of Hyori’s “U-Go-Girl,” while Yoo Jung follows the performance dressed as Zico to Block B’s “Very Good.” Both ladies did so well, but it was Yoo Jung who ultimately won that round!

You go, YooA! Click here for the full performance


In round three, it’s a crowded stage as both teams duke it out to IU’s “Nagging.” It’s all or nothing at this point – teammates are literally carrying one another around just to win!


The verdict comes back, and it’s a close one – the T4 team beats out the guests by a mere 5 points!

We finally make our way to the last round – it’s Jang Do Yeon versus Shim Hyung Tak. Jang Do Yeon starts off strong with a very sexy performance of “Puss” by AOA’s Jimin. Shim Hyung Tak brings it back old school, and gets in a bit of trouble, with a soulful version of Lee Juck’s “Run Across The Sky.”


A seriously admirable performance by Jang Do Yeon, but Shim Hyung Tak wins the round, receiving a 95 for his performance while Jang Do Yeon gets a solid 90.

All the performances were so great, but the T4 team is ultimately declared the winners!

And with that ends another entertaining week with Golden Tambourine. What did you think of this episode? Do you agree with the scores? Jo Kwon’s performance definitely takes the cake for us, but let us know which performance was your favorite!


Watch all of the performances here:

Jo Kwon + Yoo Se Yoon Cover Jay Park’s “Mommae

Kang Yumi + Hu Anna Cover Cherry Filter’s “Romantic Cat”

Oh My Girl’s Yoo A Covers Hyori’s “You Go Girl”

IOI’s Yoojung Covers Block B’s “Very Good”

Jang Do Yeon Covers Jimin’s “Puss”


Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Makes The Boys Giggle & Blush on ‘Lipstick Prince’

In the latest episode of OnStyle’s Lipstick Prince, guest Seohyun of Girls’ Generation makes an appearance as the Princess of the week–aka the girl who is definitely going to get the cutest, worst makeover ever.

Though the guys on the show have all had their fair share of experiences with pretty idols, Seohyun seemed to have a lasting impression on them as they constantly complimented her natural beauty and poise.

Let’s take a look at the imprint she left on their hearts:

The nail-biting, nervous effect maknae Seohyun has on the Princes may come as no surprise to Girls’ Generation fans, as Seohyun is widely known to be very pure of heart and health conscious.


Before the boys could try their hand at Seohyun’s makeup, they first had to practice on their dolls. Among the Princes, there was one particular individual that made Seohyun a bit nervous for what was to come…

How to apply blush…if you’re going for that “Why’s your face so red look?”


After giving the Princes their roles in this makeover surgery, it was time to show Seohyun their talents. Of course, it was bashful P.O of Block B, who actually jumped for joy when Seohyun shook hands with him, exclaiming that he would never wash his hand again.

See the full clip here


Even the uber cute, yet hilariously aegyo-free, Shownu packed on the charisma, trying out a straightforward line to get into her heart.

Will Shownu’s antics work? Find out here


Even veteran K-Pop idol, Tony Ahn couldn’t help but be mesmerized by Seohyun’s glowing skin.


But, it was Kangnam who was able to make Seohyun laugh the most. To you, sir, belong the giggles of one of the most beautiful girls around.

What exactly was so funny? Click here to find out!


In the end, who does Seohyun ultimately choose as the 6th Lipstick Prince? Whose eyeliner prowess rose above the rest. Find out HERE, and let us know what you think – who would you have chosen if you were in Seohyun’s shoes?

Catch the best moments of “Lipstick Prince” on KCON.TV with subs every Thursday!

Ep 6: Is SNSD’s Seohyun Falling for Kangnam’s Peculiar Charm?
Ep 6: Heechul Reveals How SNSD Seohyun Acts When Intoxicated 
Ep 6: P.O Sends an Adorable Message to Sour Jelly Advertisers 

7 Times Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon was Just Like Us!

We all know and love Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon for her fierce dance moves, magnetic charisma, and no-nonsense attitude. Now, with her OnStyle show, Hyoyeon’s 1 Million Likes, we’ve been blessed with more reasons to root for this talented lady!

Here are 7 times Hyoyeon was just like us!

1.She sings in the car
Who doesn’t love a little car karaoke?

2.Exercising to stay fit and healthy
Fitness goals!

3….and taking mid-exercise naps
I mean, it’s important to take breaks, right?

4.Gets annoyed when losing at beer pong
Best 2 out of 3?

Watch Hyoyeon and Yuri duke it out in beer pong here

5. Playing with all the puppies
Can we has?

6.Dances like everyone’s watching
There’s a reason why she is known as the ‘Dancing Queen’

7.Being silly with friends
Spontaneous dance parties are a must.

Catch more highlights from Hyoyeon’s 100 Million Likes on KCON.TV, and let us know why you love Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon!

Hyoyeon’s 100 Million Likes
Ep 4: Hyoyeon & BFFs enjoy an Authentic Korean Meal 
Ep 4: Hyoyeon & her BFFs go Sledding 
Ep 4: Sheep Love their Terrified Shepherd, HYOYEON 

The Gif-ified Story of The Folklore behind “Goblin”

If you’re a Korean drama fan and have been obsessing over tvN’s, Goblin, then know that you are not alone, my friend. Aside from the gorgeous and talented cast, interesting plot line, and beautiful cinematography, Goblin also offers fans an insight into one of Korea’s oldest folklore.

While the drama is a lot of fun to watch, some international fans may be confused as to what a dokkaebi in Korean folklore actually is. Is a dokkaebi a tall, rich man with the face of Gong Yoo looking for his human bride? Is he really frenimies with the Grim Reaper? Is he even actually a he?! Never fear – we are here to help! Below, we have compiled some fun facts about the famed folklore that may (or may not) answer some of your questions.

    1. Do dokkaebi actually interact with humans?
      Yes! In most legends, dokkaebi interact with humans in one way or another – whether it be playing pranks on them, helping the good, or punishing the evil – interaction between humans and dokkaebi are not uncommon in Korean folklore. Often times, parents would tell their children that if they don’t behave, a dokkaebi might appear and play mean tricks on them.

      Why is the Goblin messing with Sung Jae? Find out here
    2. What do dokkaebi look like?
      Unfortunately, no Korean folklore states that dokkaebi look like the handsome Gong Yoo. In fact, dokkaebi may not take the form of a human at all. That is not to say that they are monsters, or even spirits. Rather, certain legends state that dokkaebi actually come from various inanimate objects, and may have a “grotesque” appearance with a horn on its head. It’s hard to imagine anyone describing our Gong Yoo as grotesque!

      Check out the top 3 Gong Yoo moments in Goblin from eNews here
    3. Do dokkaebi have any special powers?
      In most folklore, dokkaebi usually have two items by their side: a magic club, and a magic hat. The magic club is often viewed as a type of “magical wand” that can summon items, or even conjure up objects. Other stories say that the club can be used to make gold. This is usually done by hitting the ground with the club.

      The magic hat that is mentioned in many folklore posses the power of invisibility. Similar to the powers of the invisibility cloak in the Harry Potter series, whoever wears the hat will have the ability to go invisible.

    4. Can dokkaebi be good?
      Actually, some people thought of dokkaebi as protectors against evil spirits. People would put out totem poles and decorations with a dokkaebi’s face on it to ward off death, diseases, natural disasters, and hardships, which were commonly believed to be brought on by bad curses.

      Why is Gong Yoo wielding his sword in front of Lee Dong Wook? Find out the hilarious reason here
    5. There are many different kinds of dokkaebi
      Korea has a rich history full of folklore and legends that were passed down from generations to generations. With that comes multiple renditions of the dokkaebi story, and the creature itself. Some are mischievous, like the cham dokkaebi, or evil, like the gae dokkaebi. The oedari dokkaebi are good at fighting, and the nat dokkaebi only appear during the day.
For more fun Goblin behind the scene cuts, click here

Dokkaebi are very much embedded into Korea’s culture, and can be found in various Korean legends, folklore, fairy tales, and even Korean dramas. Its appearance and personality varies depending on who is telling the story, or which folklore you’re reading.

tvN’s Goblin stars Gong Yoo, Kim Go Eun, Lee Dong Wook, Yoo In Na, and BTOB’s Yook Sung Jae. Be sure to check back on KCON.TV for the latest highlights and behind the scene clips!

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Romantic Comedy, “Introverted Boss” to air First Episode on Monday, 1/16

Are you ready for another adorable romantic comedy to consume all your waking days? We are! tvN’s Introverted Boss will start off the 2017 drama lineup with fresh faces and a warm plot line to ease us through the winter cold. 

Here’s everything you need to know:


Basically us at the club.

Yeon Woo Jin (Marriage Not Dating) stars as the titular introverted boss, Eun Hwan Ki, alongside Park Hye Soo (Age of Youth), playing extrovert and love interest, Chae Ro Woon.


Is anyone else getting a 60’s vibe from Park Hye Soo’s silky, green frock?

Hwan Ki’s shy and reserved nature is taken for a spin when outgoing rookie employee, Ro Woon is hired at his company. Will their clashing personalities survive working in the same office, or is there another reason for Ro Woon being there in the first place?

Yoon Park (Age of Youth) and Secret’s Jeon Hyo Sung will also be playing romantic rivals in this drama.  


Raise your hand if awkward, cute, tsundere is your fav. K-Drama leading man type.

After seeing Park Hye Soo play a timid, shy college student in Age of Youth, we’re excited to see her take on a more energetic and lively role.  The awkwardness between our two main leads are too sweet for words!


You can catch the latest trailer HERE on KCON.TV!

Introverted Boss will air its first episode on Monday, 1/16. Be sure to check back on KCON.TV for all the subbed highlights and behind-the-scenes clips!